A day of two halves

Today was a funny beast.

The morning was spent digging into code, releasing a few things and generally doing my usual engineer sort of thing.

The afternoon was intended to be spent chatting, having set up four meetings back to back in order to give me more focus time during the rest of the week.

It was all going so well until the second meeting ended and then it was all hands to the pumps to figure out some weird goings on with our Facebook integration.

Thankfully that's all sorted and, more importantly, understood. However it now does leave me with a spot of 'meeting debt' that I need to repay; probably tomorrow.

Still, I think the idea of my afternoon of meetings was a good one, and would have worked well if the software gods hadn't intervened, as is their wont. We'll see how next week fares!

[Image credit: Alex Steffler]