End of 2015

And so another year comes to a close. And with it, I have succeeded in posting here for every day this year. Whew! And although it »

Keep getting faster

Astonishing. Three days in a row with new socks, and I'm now a full two minutes seconds faster than I was last week. Surely it can't »

Two in a row

Inspired by my new socks and the faster time, I decided to do my longer run again today. And I was even faster again. These socks »

New socks

New running socks were taken for a spin today. First time I've ever had socks that were specific about which foot they must be put on. »

Festive treat

One of the delights of the season, apart from copious amounts of chocolate, is chocolate covered raisins. Ok, so admittedly there is more chocolate involved. But »

Whisky time

One of the delightful pressies that I got yesterday was a bottle of a particularly scary sounding whisky. As a result I have yet to open »