Happy Christmas

Haven't unwrapped a present yet, but it's a happy Christmas already! I went for a run - a first for Christmas day It was my fastest »

Christmas Eve

Well, it looks like Santa's on his way. And after a flurry of last-minute emergency wrapping paper buying, everything seems to be coming together at home »

Quota reached

Did my second long run of the week today, so I'm all set for the remaining couple of days and can do my more regular, shorter »

Winding down

It's going to be fun watching this week progress as less and less people are present at work each day. Always a good time of year »

Christmas week running

Even with Christmas falling on a Friday this year, I'm hopeful to keep my regular habit of running on Monday through to Friday each week. And »

Sunday planning

Spent a good chunk of today putting together my plans for Christmas. Can't say too much - never know who might be reading! [Image credit: Alice »