Bubble gum

Wrigley's have this new (to me at least) flavour of chewing gum - bubblemint.

Upon opening the jar, the incredible smell of bubble gum was released! I think I instantly regressed by at least 30 years.

Even now, every time I open it, I still get the waft of bubble gum and am transported back to more innocent times when bubble blowing was the way to look sophisticated.

And yet, the jar gets emptier and the smell is less strong each time. And I am becoming more used to the smell. So, all in all, the experience is wearing off. Which is a shame.

I'll have to go cold turkey for a while and let my senses reaquire their sensitivity and then unleash another onslaught of the incredible bubblemint.

Oh, and learn how to blow bubbles with chewing gum...

[Image credit: Maria de las Mercedes]