Email filtration

Day three of the new email system.

Things look like they might just about be done. Still a few kinks though!

However, the last remaining niggles are really quite irritating.

Here's the worst: I'll see a conversation which has email that is unread, I'll click on it and it will only show me up to where I had read before. Weird. I have to do a full page refresh to actually read this.

To be fair, if I am patient it seems to work after a while - but it's an irritation.

It may well be because I am using the Multiple Inboxes labs feature. Which I'd love to get rid of since I would prefer to minimise the number of labs features. Unfortunately I can't quite bend the regular inbox settings to show what I want (all unread items, regardless of whether they are in the inbox or not).

At least I have prevented emails disappearing into the archive even though they are unread. That was quite off-putting! Fortunately it was down to a typo in a filter (at least I think that's what the solution was, to be fair I have spent a fair amount of time tweaking things).

Each day I am closer to achieving email perfection. But those final few inches are the tricky ones.

[Image credit: Gabe Popa]