Settled down with the customary bottle(s) of fizzy plonk to watch Eurovision this evening.

It's become quite an epic undertaking now - near enough four hours of wind machines, strobe lighting and audacious costumes.

And with the delights of digital we need never miss even a second as the ability to pause live television is now only a button press away.

So, congratulations to Sweden, apparently the bookmakers' favourite. Although I do wonder if them being the favourite leads to their inevitable win - it's almost a signal that everyone should bet on that and then vote for them, in order to win back at the very least the cost of their phone call.

Anyway, it was interesting to find out that the order that the votes are shown is actually now selected according to an algorithm (or, as Graham Norton first described it, a logarithm). Apparently this was designed to keep it as exciting as possible. However, knowing there was an algorithm involved did mean that when Sweden got a bit of a lead that it was then obvious that the algorithm had done all it could and that Sweden was going to be the winner.

Anyway, my task is now to go and come up with an algorithm for Eurovision.

[Image credit: Michael Gubui]