Hanging out in Google Campus in London today and got the chance to be a part of a focus group. All good fun!

Fuelled up with pizza and beer, a few of us got to test drive a new tool. My first time doing this sort of thing, and it was quite eye-opening.

Using someone's pride and joy as a complete newcomer, it sometimes must have felt like a stab in the heart when we couldn't do bits and pieces and wouldn't use the app as intuitively as they maybe expected.

It just shows how difficult it is to put yourself in another person's shoes. Particularly when that person has totally different knowledge from you. As the developer of a tool, you are intimately familiar with it, and have likely fine-tuned things according to how you expect people to use it.

And then people come and use it in a completely different way!

All looks to be well though - a newer version was showcased which seemd to take care of some of the problems that were highlighted.

Wishing them the best of luck!

[Image credit: ihtatho]