Formula 1

The new season started this weekend, with all that entails.

Somehow Formula 1, which one would expect to be about racing and cars, tends, a lot of the time, to be more about politics and people.

It seems as though the action on the track is secondary to all the other comings and goings. Already this year we have one team that isn't really there, a driver who is taking his own team to court and a former double world champion who is missing the first race due to a mysterious crash in testing a few weeks ago.

If this keeps up, the TV programmes are going to need a lot more time to cover everything that is going on before the tyres even touch the tarmac each race weekend.

Still, it looks like Lewis Hamilton is taking over where he left off last season and is certainly favourite for the Australian Grand Prix tomorrow. Especially with his pole position.

[Image credit: Scott Cresswell]