Geysers, waterfalls and glaciers

Car picked up, we headed out of Reykjavik and made our way towards Gullfoss, via the geysers. Today's organised activity was snow-mobiling so we had a schedule to keep.

After a couple of minor stops, our first main stop was the geysers. Pretty easy to spot - first there was a most enormous speed-bump, and second the constant trail of people heading the few hundred metres off the road to spot the regularly erupting Strokkur geyser.

It was a little close, but we made it to Gullfoss in time to be transported in the largest minibus in the world off to Langjökull where we spent a merry hour or so playing around on the snow. More natty outfits ensued.

After that, and a spot of hearty lamb soup, it was time to admire Gullfoss before heading to our accommodation for the evening in Hella.

The evening was spent wandering around Hella (not a great deal to see, but the river was picturesque) and eating from the extravagant Evening Buffet which had just about everything imaginable.

I went to sleep particularly replete...

[Image credit: Milan Nykodym]