Glacial lagoon

Today's activity was to tour around a glacial lake complete with icebergs in an amphibious vehicle.

This was done, including the obligatory drink of thousand year-old ice water. Very refreshing!

Much of the trip was spent marvelling at the blue-ness of the icebergs and the strange stripes that adorned many of the icebergs - records of eruptions that laid down layers of ash that got incorporated into the ice.

After that it was time for some delicious seafood soup and then a stroll along the nearby beach, watching the icebergs make their way out to sea (some more successfully than others).

On our return to the guest house, it was time to go hiking up the trail to find the source of our local waterfall, which we did and then carried on across the tops of the hills, worrying a few sheep along the way before making the perilous descent to civilisation, beer and burgers.

Back to Reykjavik tomorrow, but Iceland has one last hurrah to send our way!

[Image credit: Loïc Lagarde]