Interrupting power supply

Back in the day, when we lived on a boat, I got my hands on an uninterruptible power supply so that my desktop could survive the all too frequent power cuts that we would encounter.

Laptops really have it easy in this regard - a few minutes without power doesn't bother them, with their in-built battery. The desktop was another matter though - losing power would mean everything just disappearing, whether it was saved or not.

And so the UPS was used to allow us to save our work and power down gracefully. Which worked well.

With the move back into a house, I still have the UPS, sitting happily under the desktop, waiting for the opportunity to allow me to save my work when the power cuts out. Which hasn't happened yet.

Maybe it was feeling unappreciated because it just cut power to my desktop - not once, but twice. No grace involved whatsoever. Still not entirely sure how or why that happened, but everything seems back to normal once more.

So, dear UPS, here is my public acknowledgement of your existence! Please don't shut my power off again! I promise to think of you every day.

[Image credit: Max Boschini]