Just another manic Monday

Mondays are fun.

For whatever reason there's usually a whole bunch of little thing that need sorting out. These don't take a great deal of brainpower but allow be to get into a good, productive groove.

And then the sky's the limit.

However, today was kind of fragmented as I took a jaunt into the metropolis that is Cambridge to pick up a bag for my upcoming travels to the land down under.

I'm going to try and one-bag my trip, taking only cabin baggage. This isn't a huge departure from my usual amount of packing but it definitely requires some trimming from my usual accoutrements.

I just about managed to actually fit the crucial stuff into my day-to-day shoulder bag. Then realised that some running shoes might be useful.

So I have splashed out on a slightly larger (I hope!) bag that should allow me to take some shoes. And maybe some other luxuries.

This evening's task is to try and pack it to see what else I can fit.

That along with the Coursera Gamification course that I've enrolled in and which starts today.

[Image credit - Joriel "Joz" Jimenez] [Title credit - The Bangles]