New language, new problems

With Elixir, I'm definitely going through that inevitable process where everything takes a lot longer that it seems it ought to.

There's new concepts, and new syntax, and new libraries. All of them together combine to a state of constantly searching documentation.

Today I just wanted to add some test of my 'spread' evaluator. So I came up with a bunch of lists that I thought should score better than another bunch. All I wanted to do was loop through and compare the scores. Should have taken, almost literally a minute.

Instead it took about 15 minutes, all in all. First I was confused by what a tuple was. Then I got side-tracked by why it was printing out something weird (still not completely sure why that was).

And finally, I realised that I was calling the wrong function in the first place, so that half of my tests were failing for no apparent reason.

I think my lesson for today is that while IO.puts is a handy way to output debugging information, IO.puts inspect is actually more useful and more likely to print what I expect.