Pub choice

The village where I now live has two pubs to choose from. One is a bit more sophisticated and does food and has a great place on the river which will be great in the summer.

The other is in the middle of town, is a bit further away and is a bit less up-market.

Both have wi-fi though.

But while the second pub has its faults, the speed of the wi-fi is not among them and it zips along about six times the speed of the first pub.

Tricky choice which to frequent! Especially as the first opens slightly weird hours, including being shut on a Monday. The second is open regular hours which makes it much more hospitable, especially if it's raining.

I'm lucky in that work doesn't usually require that great of an internet connection. However more never hurts, especially when there could be video chats to be had.

I think my first choice (at least until summer) is going to be the slightly more downtrodden pub, although I'll likely mix thing up from time to time!

[Image credit: Vern Hart]