I mentioned the word that must not be mentioned a few posts ago. Reliable. As such my happy little server started crashing every so often.

Cue some hair-pulling as I tried to figure out why on earth there were over 5000 articles being stored when there should be around 500 and if that was related to the weird random crashes.

Looks like it wasn't - but it feels good to have figured things out and to have a much leaner service now. I always have the feeling that things are a lot less likely to crash if they are using less memory.

I also think I figured out the crashing problem - I believe caused by multiple threads over-writing each other's data and causing all sorts of horrible problems. Since I think I fixed it there hasn't been a problem - fingers crossed that continues!

There are still some oddities in there though - some confusion over strings and integers as keys in a collection. Though that might just be held over from earlier code (the data has been hanging about for a good few months now even as the server code keeps changing).

The only other problem now is that I have been editing the code on the live server. I know, I know - but it was the easiest way! I now need to get that code back to the development server, i.e. my laptop.

Then I can get on with getting some more sources!

[Image credit: Prehensile Eye]