Resolutions for 2015

In no particular order, I have plans to do the following this year:

  • Be more organized
  • Run more
  • Learn more

As a result, I am planning to

  1. Use Workflowy more
    I love the idea of Workflowy - making everything a list mirrors how I would normally write things down. So in theory this should be a match made in heaven. I just need to remember to use it! To encourage myself I have pinned the Workflowy tab in Chrome so that it's always available.

  2. Get out and run
    I use Strava to track my runs (or lack thereof). My running has been incredibly sporadic this year. With gaps of up to 3 months between runs at times! Really not good. Noticed that around this time last year I was successfully running around 8 miles at a pace of 7:18 minutes per mile. Today I went out for a mere 3 mile run and could only manage a measly 8:54 minutes per mile. Looks like I have a fair amount of work to do before the Cambridge Half-Marathon in March :)

  3. Learn something new
    First up is a new programming language. I had a quick look back at various things and noticed that the last new programing language I worked with was CoffeeScript about 3 years ago. Certainly time to branch out once more. I have my sights set on Elixir for the time being after briefly dallying with having a dalliance with Go. There's just something alluring about the more functional languages!

Nothing too ambitious there, so I have high hopes.

Resolutions [Image Credit: Marwa Morgan]