Made it to Reykjavik! After a good night's sleep and a bracing coastal walk before breakfast, then an amazing hearty breakfast, it was back to the airport to 'ambush' some more Buffer-ites.

Mission accomplished and the posse made its way to Reykvavik. Check-in wasn't available, but we did meet up with a few of the earlier arrivers many of which were about to go white-water rafting, so off to a local watering-hole we went after a quick scout about to see what was what.

At this point it became a bit crazy as more and more people kept arriving!

Got checked into the most incredible split-level apartment, complete with glowing geese. Then off for another scout about, to survey the lay of the land, and a cheeky burger.

Evening time - and after another walk (poor feet) we grabbed some milk for the obligatory cup of tea in the morning before heading off for a more substantial burger.

And the quite the substance it had too - macaroni and cheese, on a burger - magnificent!

Then a spot of beer, and a cocktail, before retiring for the night.

Same again tomorrow?

[Image credit: Ophelia photos]