Sometimes, it's the small things

I've been playing around with my email a lot recently, and today I noticed a nice touch that Chrome does when searching for something that lies underneath where the search box goes.

Here I am, about to start searching for "colin" which, if you look carefully, can just about be see underneath the search control:

And here it is when it finds it:


Chrome has noticed that it might be a little tricky to spot that text with the search control all over it and instead has moved it over to the left to give me a great view of what I am looking for.

This is just so..... nice! Somebody somewhere obviously got caught out by this, or otherwise had this great thought and added in this tiny feature that probably isn't even noticed the majority of the time. I mean, how often do you search for something that's at the top of a page exactly where the search box will be?

Yet another reason why I use Chrome and have never been tempted by another browser since I first started using it all those years ago.

[Image credit: Vikalp Kumar]