Out and about on the mean streets of Littleport today. Running, no less.

All went pretty well - around 45 minutes of running around, trying to follow a virtually completely unmarked route. I did find the half way point and the end, so I assume I did it just about right!

The only problem was that I kept getting this stabbing pain in my left heel from time to time. I figured it was just a small stone in my shoe, or else some small blister left over from last weekend's exertions.

But no, upon arriving home I discovered something embedded in the sole of my shoe. And there was a hole on the inside of my shoe. And a hole in my sock. And a hole in my heel.

Upon extracting the 'stone' from the sole, it was found to be a rather large and mean-looking tack. No wonder I got that stabbing pain.

Fortunately the damage done was minimal thanks to my exceptionally resilient heels which have skin about an inch thick.

The mean streets of Littleport are a little bit safer this evening.

[Image credit: Steve Crane]