The benefits of rest

Having had two days away from running at the weekend, it was time to strap on the trainers and get back out there this morning.

Which I did, and promptly ran the same route a good two minutes faster than normal, which was no mean feat given I'm only running for about 28 minutes.

I put it down to two things: 1) my legs have started to remember what it means to run and 2) my legs have recovered from last week.

Now to see how much I slow down as the week progresses and the miles take their toll.

Today was also fun since the GPS didn't quite track my route too well and as a result I got all sorts of new records such as fastest mile, fastest 400m and longest run, even though my real times were nowhere near what my watch stated.

As a result, my stretch goal is now to beat those times without making use of GPS glitches!

[Image credit: Oliver Kendal]