The grapefruit juice effect

Apparently grapefruit juice is not something you should be drinking lightly. It is known to interact (mainly badly) with at least 85 drugs and the effects can linger for up to 3 days.


Once upon a time, as a young boy, I had dreams of becoming a pharmacologist. Maybe that could have been me - investigating the effect of grapefruit juice on some drug or other and looking for a beneficial side-effect that could be exploited.

Instead, I turned away from the smelly biological side of science and embraced the purer and far cleaner discipline of mathematics.

Sometimes I do wonder what might have been. Would I have still been coding on the side and eventually drifting into software, or would my life have taken a completely different path?

Who knows? But it is fun when these separate potential life threads come back together.

[Image credit: Wikipedia]