The trouble with palindromes

Getting to the finer points of grid filling in order to complete a word search. Now I'm trying to be nice and not fill in the grid in such a way to create multiple ways to find a single word. Which is easier said than done.


Quite the challenge. When considering a Knight-like movement strategy, a palindrome only has one route through the grid, regardless of whether you traverse forwards of backwards.

But if you then consider a Left-Right movement strategy, there is only one way. And likewise for a Right-Left strategy. But if you allow both, there seems to be two ways to get the word even though there is still only one route through the grid.

Initially I thought I could get away with just simple counting routes through the grid, but now I think I do need to return the actual routes themselves so that I can analyse them as a final step when combining the results from all the different movement strategies, allowing me to discard any that are reversed versions of other routes.

At least, I think this will work.

Personally, I'm still a little in shock that my first attempt at counting word occurrences using the Knight-like strategy seemed to work!

[Image credit: Scott Beale]