The worst kind of internet

For whatever reason, the internet has been a bit patchy today.

I'm reminded of The Oatmeal.

It's almost ridiculous how frustrating patchy internet is. You just about get into a good flow, then you click to reply to an email and suddenly everything grinds to a halt.

Working remotely as part of a distributed team, having internet is pretty crucial. As soon as it disappears, productivity nose-dives.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to be working on some aspect of the product that doesn't actually need the internet and I can be blissfully ignorant of its absence. But sooner or later I will need to look up some documentation or send an email and it's hair-pulling time.

Usually this is a good time to get some reading done, or make a cup of tea (probably both).

I'm looking forward to having more reliable internet soon - and faster to boot!

[Image credit - Marcelo Graciolli]