This war of mine

If you fancy playing a rather depressing game, take a look at This War of Mine.

There's certainly no glorification of war here. Instead you have to simply survive as a civilian in a war zone. And there's plenty of dangers around.

It's a bit like a cross between The Sims and Left 4 Dead without the cartoon fun of the former and the zombies of the latter. Throw in some 2-d platforming and you probably get some idea of what it's like.

So far my 'survivors' have died in many rather horrific ways, not limited to starvation, suicide and being shot in self-defence. And that neglects completely the one survivor who became sick of my management techniques and decided to scarper with all the food. Arica - I'll never forget...

It's definitely engaging, although 'fun' might be a little strong.

[Image credit - Christian Maréchal]