Turning the corner

I've been working on and off for the past few weeks on a new internal tool for Buffer.

As seems to be the norm, it's been a bit of a slow-burner in terms of getting things off the ground.

However, I felt that I turned a corner today and everything started to fit into place. There's a couple more pieces I want to put in place and then I think the foundations will be ready.

And at this point, from experience, everything suddenly accelerates. Which is a great feeling.

What isn't great is that feeling that the past few weeks have been un-productive. They haven't really - it's all valuable learning, getting the brain into the right sort of mind-set. Avenues have been explored and abandoned. Prototypes have been created and discarded. But it's all too easy to think that those days have been wasted.

Anyway, it's a lot easier to forget the seemingly unproductive days when everything suddenly starts moving at great speed!

Here's to turning that corner and charging ahead!

[Image credit: lucio zandonati]