Waterfalls and beaches

No organised activities today, so we had a leisurely start including a hot tub and sauna before setting off on the road.

Although there was no organised activity today, there were two waterfalls and two beaches to stop into along the way to the next guest house.

One thing Iceland is not short of is waterfalls, that's for sure.

While today's waterfalls weren't quite as huge as Gullfoss, they were pretty impressive in their own way. And being able to walk behind one certainly gave a new perspective. As well as suitably drenching us.

At the beaches, it was time to admire the black sand (so weird, always expecting it to be wet and muddy) and be on the lookout for puffins. Some crazy rock formations also made an appearance, as well as a somewhat surreal photo shoot that was going on involving some poor model constantly making two steps while being gassed with a smoke machine - so strange.

Found our guest house at the end of the day and had a lovely meal in the cafe/restaurant that is part of the guest "house" - guest complex would have been more appropriate!

There was talk of taking a walk up the slope and finding the source of the waterfall that was just behind the buildings, but we decided to leave it for another day.

[Image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras]