What's interesting

As part of my current little side project (@attestol) I am trying to determine what makes a story interesting.

As such I have various heuristics I apply to the stories, mainly based on their behaviour as they move up and down the rankings on Hacker News.

It's not ideal, although I admit that it does seem to surface things that I would be interested in reading!

One problem is that it's outputting articles faster than I can post them to Twitter (well, not quite, but it's consistently posting every 5 minutes, thanks to the handy tool that I use to space out posts - Buffer!).

It might be time to delve a bit deeper soon and analyse typical behaviours of articles as they live their life in Hacker News, hopefully being able to categorise them early on as to whether they are worth publishing.

Deciding whether something is gong to be interesting is a tricky problem!

For now I am tweaking a few things to try and slow down the posting. Without a great deal of success, I must admit.

[Image credit: Normand Gaudreault]