When inspiration hits

Spent a good chunk of today scratching my head about a puzzling bug that's been affecting a good number of users.

Couldn't seem to figure out why images were breaking seemingly randomly.

Then I had a break and stepped away from the laptop.

Came back, had an inspiration, and five minutes later was deploying a fix.

Funny how things work sometimes!

Inspiration usually seems to hit when I take a break, and I wondered if the same thing happens to animals.

My daily dose of knowledge from Highbrow is now about the smartest animals on the planet (today, the elephant). Do elephants sometimes just step away from something and come back to it later?

I'm not even sure how to search the all-knowing Google to find the answer to that one.

So I'm puzzled once more. It's a virtuous cycle, this inspiration!

[Image credit: Michael Phillips]