Guilty looking

Not sure why it is, but every single time I go through Heathrow security, I always get patted down. Maybe I have a guilty face or »

When inspiration hits

Spent a good chunk of today scratching my head about a puzzling bug that's been affecting a good number of users. Couldn't seem to figure out »

The worst kind of internet

For whatever reason, the internet has been a bit patchy today. I'm reminded of The Oatmeal. It's almost ridiculous how frustrating patchy internet is. You just »

Just another manic Monday

Mondays are fun. For whatever reason there's usually a whole bunch of little thing that need sorting out. These don't take a great deal of brainpower »

This war of mine

If you fancy playing a rather depressing game, take a look at This War of Mine. There's certainly no glorification of war here. Instead you have »

Notebook potential

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely gift today in the form of a Moleskine notebook, embossed with the Buffer logo. I get giddy with »