Australia vs Austria

Having broken the back of making Eurovision as exciting as possible I have no been distracted by focusing on a very small problem - namely that »


It's a public holiday in the UK today. So we went to the beach. It was a little cold, and the tide was in, and the »

Eurovision excitement

Following the excitement of Eurovision, I've been spending a bit of time looking into ways to try and make Eurovision as exciting as possible by choosing »


Settled down with the customary bottle(s) of fizzy plonk to watch Eurovision this evening. It's become quite an epic undertaking now - near enough four »

Regular expressions

Regular expressions are pretty magical. When they work. it's very easy to get led down a road of making more and more complicated expressions that make »

More Beer Festival

Another day, another visit to the Beer Festival. Such is life! While yesterday I had focused more on the milds, leading to much good-natured mocking since »