It was cold today, plus I was rested from the weekend. A good opportunity to up the pace and see a) how it felt and b) »


The new programme of choice involves pottery. Much spinning and throwing and collapsing ensues. And not only of the contestants. Learning all about glazes and firing »

First whisky of the season

Since the nights are drawing in and it's starting to feel a bit chillier in the evenings, I broke out the whisky this evening for a »

Running in the dark

For the past few days I've been house-bound during daylight in order to 'supervise' (mainly unsuccessfully) various work that continues to be done to the bathroom. »

Who'd have thought?

Turns out running without a tack embedded in your heel is much easier and more enjoyable than having one thusly embedded. Top tip there - although »

Running injury

Had a few pains in my foot as I was running around today. Thought it was just a stone that had got into my shoe and »