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50k Week

Saturday, 19th January 2019

Successfully ran 50k this week - the first such week in a while.

Running 50k a week is my ‘all goes well’ target - a 10k run every day, Monday to Friday. As a result, it’s kind of surprising how bad I am at actually achieving it. Indeed, it’s especially rare to do it for a whole month - I believe that’s something I’ve only actually managed twice.

Still, this past week has seen success - something to celebrate! And while the magical 200k month will likely elude me (no running last week due to illness), I should get to 180k or so - maybe even close enough to persuade me to get out at a weekend and round up those missing kilometres.

I think the success of this week is related to getting the run out of the way as the first thing I do every morning. For starters, there’s no ambiguity about when I’m going to fit a run in - I get up at 6am and go running, simple as that. Also, it hasn’t been too cold, yet - just a few ice patches on Friday.

Long may this trend continue!

Photo by Jeremy Lapak on Unsplash

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