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Wednesday, 30th January 2019

The lightest of snow coverings cut short my run due to a danger of slippage.

It snowed last night, so I was wary of what it might be like for my usual morning run. However, a quick peek out of the window at 6am seemed to show that it had mainly disappeared. Thus, I threw on my kit and charged out into the darkness.

Pretty much immediately I started to regret my decision. It didn’t look slippy on our road, but try and put too much oomph into a step and a slip was the result. I half-stopped and considered going back (having travelled the grand total of about five metres). Further down the street, it looked better, so I bared my teeth and gingerly ‘ran’ along.

My courage paid off, and things improved. For a time. Essentially the village was either clear and fine or looked clear but was slippy or looked unclear but was grippy enough due to frozen snow. It became a battle of wits, and pretty draining, constantly looking out for the tell tale icy spots, while trying my best to run over water pipes or whatever magic causes clear paths to appear in an otherwise snowy pavement.

Anyway, after about two miles, after a particularly slippy section I decided that enough was enough and that 5km was plenty for this morning, so I finished up the last mile and trudged inside to kick off the snow from my trainers and treat myself to a nice warm cup of tea.

Hopefully it’ll all thaw and disappear by tomorrow and I can get back to my usual 10km. But I’ll not hold my breath just yet. Winter is most definitely here.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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