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Wednesday, 2nd January 2019

With a new year, a new morning routine. I’ve been pretty consistently getting up at 7:00am every morning for the past few months. It gives me time to wake up and acclimatise to the day before getting stuck in fully. What it hasn’t included, up to now has been a run.

In years gone by I used to get up, have a run and then get on with my day. Somehow, I lost that. But this is the time to get it back. Cue setting my alarm for 6:00am (shudder).

All went well this morning - alarm went off, went out for a run, and was back around 7:00am as if to start my previous routine, just a little hotter and sweatier than normal.

The run itself was slower than normal, though I think that’s expected since I went for a run later yesterday so didn’t get the full 24-ish hours to recover. Plus, I’d just woken up, and it was dark etc etc (got to get those excuses in early).

Anyway, with the run out of the way, this should free up a bit more time around lunch-time to dome some more reading / learning or the like. Let’s see how that goes.

After all, a change in the morning routine doesn’t just affect the morning. It affects the whole day.

Photo by Zwaddi on Unsplash

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