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Thursday, 3rd January 2019

For the longest time, I used Chrome. Then one day I started trying to move away from all things Google - not for any particular reason, but just to spread things out a bit more. So, I moved my email from Gmail to FastMail, changed from Google search to DuckDuckGo, and switched my browser to Safari.

And by and large, it was successful, after a bit of getting used to I didn’t really feel I was missing much. Except for the ads. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get Safari to block ads as successfully as Chrome with the uBlock Origin extension.

So, with 2019 stretching before me, I decided to switch again - this time over to Firefox. Initial results are very promising - feels snappy and few ads (thanks uBlock Origin!).

For now, I’m happy this way - but we’ll see what plays out over the coming months.

Firefox logo by Mozilla

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